Wisconsin’s Perpetual Silly Season

As many of you are well aware, Wisconsin has been a hot front in the ongoing political war. In fact, it has been one perpetual political campaign, and that is not going to let up until at least next fall, and even then who knows?

As I have made perfectly clear I am firmly on one side of these fights but I keep that stuff off-limits here at The Wisconsin Skier, the only parties I want to talk about here are Après-ski or at worst the Snowboarders vs. the Skiers. That said be aware you are likely to see the advertising from the combatants sooner or later. In addition, you may see political advertisements here from a former Florida representative who is apparently going to try to reclaim his old seat.

I really don’t care and do not plan to take any steps to encourage or discourage the advertisements from my side or not-my side. Whatever you do, don’t think I as the Wisconsin Skier am taking sides, I am hoping to take money.

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