Season Passes Pros and Cons

I was chatting it up with a fellow skier this weekend and started talking of season passes. My recollection is we both were similar in ski patterns in terms of how often and where we ski.

I have held season passes for Ski Brule in the past, but it has been sometime since I have held one. For years now I receive or buy pre-season passes and watch for mid-season specials. Pre-season specials is the key to my skiing and those pre-season passes often find their way under the Christmas trees.

I am not certain if I would want a season pass anymore. Holding a season’s pass is like going to the buffet, you feel you have to gorge yourself on one places’s food or in this case one resort’s skiing. I am sure the resorts love that, after all, they also make money on hospitality services (beer, food, other events, and so on). I want to see other resorts and take in the particular conditions they offer too.

The pro is definitely the hill I have held the season’s pass for is definitely our default hill as it is close to the cabin roughly 30 minutes away whereas Big Snow Country resorts are probably 1½ hours away from the cabin. That adds three hours of driving to our three hour trips to and from the cabin.

What do you see as the pros and cons of holding a season’s pass?

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