The Usual Suspects Line UP!

junior USSA ski racers lining up to race at Ski Brule
The Line Up of Usual Suspects

Lining UP to race
Lining UP to race
Children line up and wait to race. Wow, this must be incredibly frustrating as I hate to wait to go when ski racing. This photo was taken at Ski Brule’s J4/J5/J6 USSA Ski Race Finale on Saturday March 6, 2010.

I suppose these children do not have to worry about inane conversation, but they certainly have to worry about standing around and stationery in their ski gear. When waiting for anything in my skis my legs hateses it, they hateses it! I guess, these skiers have less mass to support than I do and as my father always used to say: their legs are younger than mine.

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