Ski Patroller Trolling Part One

Oh too funny.

My piece on the labor fiasco at the Sunshine Ski Village received a lot of attention because the Facebook group: Support Ski Patrol Wronged by Sunshine Ski Resort noticed it and this led to two reactions, one of which I discuss here.

Red Panda castigates myself for my notions that volunteer patrollers are power mad and also takes issue with what he thinks is my contention they are in it for the free skiing.


None of us do it for the free pass or discounted food.

I did not say or imply that. The concept of paid patrollers does not apply to the resorts of the Upper Midwest (maybe Bohemia & Lutsen excepted). The whole idea I was setting up is the volunteer ski patrollers around here do not have to deal with avalanche control, back country rescues, tree wells, deep powder, avalance rescues, avalanche risks, etc etc etc. The idea being, for people to have all of the skills and knowledge required to deal with big mountain ski patrolling requires more effort than people will do on an unpaid basis. The actual patrolling also is more complex too.

Ski Patrollers going Authori-tay

Red Panda says:

The volunteer staff for the most part have no interest in acting like cops, because they aren’t there every day. They spend their time riding and taking calls when they are in a position to respond. The pros, who get bored because they are doing the same thing every day seem a little more inclined to go after people for minor violations that I have ever seen volunteers getting worked up over and volunteers usually have some age on the pros and aren’t nearly as amped up about the chase. I don’t know where you got your info, maybe you just rode with a couple of bad volunteers or things are different in Canada than down here,

I have had exactly zero (none, nil, nicht, wala, mafi, zip, zilch, nada, etc) bad encounters with Ski Patrollers pro, volunteer, or otherwise. I know people who had bad encounters, but I think the grief they (the skier) got was deserved. I often times grab a chair with a patroller and have great conversations with them. I have seen though, VOLUNTEER SKI PATROLLERS go Five-Oh on minor infractions. Of course, I did state: However, we all know they are just working the authori-tay to prevent their EMT skills from being required. — that is, they know the situations that lead to accidents requiring their EMT skills and they are attempting to prevent those accidents.

The Power of the Wire Clipper

In any event, most people look upon those who enforce rules & laws with suspicion and a touch of disregard (e.g. bad cop, no doughnut). This suspicion is also coupled with the knowledge those same people will come to your rescue if required (whether brought on by stupidity or malice).

If you don’t like it, well that is your problem and not mine.

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