Spring Skiing in the Upper Midwest

Ski Dream becomes reality depicted on the left
Spring Skiing in the Upper Midwest

Spring SKiing at Granite Peak!
Granite Peak!
I managed to get a couple of days off and skied twice. I skied at Granite Peak in Wausau Wisconsin with some buddies from the Green Bay ski club known as Gelandesprung. It was a great day, we arrived early and being in the middle of the week we practically had the resort to ourselves! The first runs were mostly hard groomers which transitioned into regular groomers, and then into very soft groomers. The soft snow did not matter too much at least not at first when we were in the first third to half of a run with a decent pitch under us. Granite Peak is very famous for rapid drops in vertical followed by long runoffs to the chair. I suppose for those situations renaming the run is appropriate. Very typical day for late spring skiing, I suggest you drop what you are doing to get your last runs of the 2014-2015 snow season in!

Gelandesprung Ski Club of Green Bay Wisconsin
Gerlandesprung of Green Bay
The second day I skied at Ski Brule on Saturday The snow was soft and moguls were forming on Big Bear but it was still a good day. I have been trying all year long to ski with a special couple and life was constantly getting in the way, well life finally allowed it to happen. I did not ski very hard spending more time with my companions and taking breaks from the skiing. Still I had a good time skiing. I took a hard digger, I was on the left (as you are skiing down it) of Logjam and I caught an edge or something and life went into slow motion and I hit the snow and my head came down hard, I am glad I ski with a helmet. I took a good gouge out of the snow there and it was definitely very soft and melty snow. The rest of the day I kept to the center of the run.

I hope to get at least one more day on the slopes in before it is over, how about you? How is your spring skiing going?

Spring Skiing in the Upper Midwest
Spring Skiing in the Upper Midwest — My Stats!

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  1. My most recent local visit, and perhaps the last of the season anywhere, was on Sunday afternoon. The snow was grippy, due to the light layer of dirt that you could sometimes see in the snow. This can be a bit dangerous, I fear. A snowboarding companion of mine (we visited a different area two days prior) had a hard hit about 4pm, after I had left. I figure he hit something (big pile of slush?) that caused him to momentarily stop, and then crash. He ended up with a sprained ankle.

    Skis may be better on ice, but I suspect that snowboards have the advantage in slush. I was going to take my skis out one more time this season, but the thought of having one leg getting snared while the other keeps going …, no, wasn’t going to risk it.

  2. That is a huge batch of runs at Granite Peak! Way to shred Mr. Ski Man Sir looks as if you covered almost every inch of Rib Mountain that day.

  3. Just shredded Granite Peak on 1/9/17. They have improved their night lift ticket score, you can start at 3 pm instead of 4 pm and go until 8 pm. The Dasher lift is open for a solid hour and then you get the rest of the hill. Got to love the extra hours of daylight shredding. $24 bucks a person tonight!! Thanks for making it affordable for cheap Gents.

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