The Jamaican Ski Team’s Errol Kerr

The Ski Channel’s website reports:

After his 11th in a World Cup skicross race in France, it has become official. Errol Kerr has qualified for the Winter Olympics. Eric Holmer, aka Homey, Kerr’s tech, trainer, and part-time psychiatrist, broke the word saying, “Its official Errol Kerr of Jamaica qualifies for the Olympic Skier X in Vancouver.”


The nation of Jamaica figures big in my skiing. My home resort employs a number of Jamaicans. Imagine it is a cold January day with temps around 10° with wind and snow falling. You need to get warm so you ski to the backhill wine hut. A rustic building cobbled together from two old homestead era houses. You walk up and open the door. What music do you expect to hear?

Bluegrass? Nope. Country and Western? Nope. Top 40? Nope. No way mahn. You would hear Bo!. Just as great a contrast as the photo of Errol with his skis on a beach and palm trees.

They are all good people and it is always a treat to talk with them . They arrive late fall and leave mid-spring. One year, the neighbor at our Ski HQ hosted a party for them, but I was unable to go “up north” that weekend.

Good for Jamaica and I will be waiting to watch Errol rip it up!

Good Stuff!

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