Ski Pole Planting Revisited

Whitefish Skiing Review -- blue square intermediate level
I stuck to the blue runs

For Intermediate Riders
For Intermediate Riders
I have written about ski pole planting before, and am obviously doing so again. I find so much contradictory advice on pole planting.

I read one site saying that it is just a flick of the wrist and the next site advises to reach out there with the arm and stab the snow good. The last article that talked about reaching out in order to get your body to force your center of mass to stay over the center of the skis, I need to think that over some more, but at least a first though of it makes sense to myself. I have found when I reach out down the run I tend to ski faster and more aggressively. However, when I am flicking the wrists I have found I can only go so fast and I can not keep my timing as well either, I am fighting to plant at the proper timing (the timing is the one aspect of discussion that remains constant across the various sites).

Ski Poles
Ski, not imaginary, Pole
The problem I do have with the reach out is I fear it gets my upper body too much in motion, and that is another piece of advice one sees frequently the need to keep the upper body still as possible.

I believe I am finally getting the hang of planting poles. What about yourself? How do you approach pole planting? Do you have advice or know of any good sites talking about pole planting?

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  1. As far as the PSIA is concerned, the reach out and stab technique is dead. Technique has changed as skis have changed. Try this some time, while pinching your poles between your index finger and thumb so that they can swing freely. If you are balanced correctly, your arm position is correct and you are turning correctly the poles will plant themselves with no input from you.

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