Ski Season is Definitely Here!

No more resorts are open anymore just to say they are open. It is legitimate ski season here in the Upper Midwest. Snow dumps are starting to tuck in the tired land.

We are expecting 5″-10″ (13 to 25 cm) of snowfall today. I’ve no problem with that, I’ll be out and about in the truck tomorrow doing the obligatory shopping and chores, plus taking my wife to and from work.

Last weekend I did a scan of the ski hills immediately under my purview and found a number of them open for skiing op.s. That number was already set to increase this weekend with a number of hills with scheduled openings and those openings are going to be welcomed by that aforementioned snow dump. The Western skier may consider it the farthest thing from “powder” but it is good enough for us.

To all who take to the slopes tomorrow, take care, have a good time, and remember the code. To all the regional ski resorts good luck on your 2010-2011 snow season!

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