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Skiing ABCs G — G is for Gondola

G is for Gondola
Gondolas are enclosed cabins attached to overhead cable and are a means of getting from the bottom of the ski hill to the top, sometimes they transport skiers from one peak to another over the valley. The cables are driven by a bull wheel spun by an engine or electric motor and are often supported by intermediate towers.

Skiing ABCs G — G is for Gaper

Gaper is a pejorative word people use to term new clueless and hapless people on the slopes. The term comes from people new to the sport who do not know there should be no gap between the top of their googles and their helmet. However, many different other types of behavior can get one labelled a gaper. Other typical indicators that a person is a gaper are:

  1. Wearing jeans while skiing or snowboarding.
  2. Wearing gear or clothing not appropriate for the setting. Eg having full backcountry gear at a small feeder resort
  3. Wearing or using gear incorrectly. There is one famous photo of a woman wearing her goggles upside down, that photo is nearly the definition of gaper
  4. Poor skiing form, tucking incorrectly is a common gaper sign

You get the idea. However always remember we were all gapers at one time and we need a steady supply of gapers to ensure the viability of ski and snowboard resorts the world over!

Skiing ABCs G — G is for Gorby

Gorby is synonymous with gaper.

Skiing ABCs G — G is for Gulmarg

Skiing ABCs G is for Gulmarg -- Festival of Colors Woman
If you Go Spring Skiing in Gulmarg catch the Festival of Colors
Gulmarg is the first Asian ski location in the Skiing ABCs. Gulmarg is a ski resort located in the North Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is close to the border with Pakistan. Gulmarg was founded as a ski resort in the 1920s by the British and they British colonialists also created three golf courses, one of which is still in operation and is the world’s highest golf course.

Skiing ABCs G — G is for Green Bay Packers

I have a love/meh relationship with the Green Bay Packers. Having never played organized football I do not have a participant’s sense of the game. I am not privy to the nuances of the game and higher level thinking used manage a game from the perspective of a coach or the quarterback. Sure, I can listen to and absorb what I hear from experts but that is not quite the same as having lived it firsthand. I recall one recess game where we fielded two legitimate teams and I took a couple of snaps as quarterback. I recall running for my life, but afterwards one of my classmates complimented me on my handling of the situation.

However, I like to be active and find Packer games often interfere with my desire to be moving. At this time of the year we have to plan ski trips around Packer games and a Packer exit from the NFL playoffs comes with relief that we do not have cut ski trips short or plan around Packer games. I will ski during the games but I might go in a bit more to check the score out or ask the lifties. However, some of my ski buddies will prioritize the game over skiing and either spend most of the day in the lodge or just not go skiing when a Packer game is being played.

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