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Your Head is VERY Important -- Protect It!

Contemplating A Helmet
This article is old, pictured is the helmet I wear!

I have never skied with a helmet. That changed last weekend.

In my years of skiing I have crashed many times and only once did I get a blow to head and it was on hard pack, but the blow was not too hard. I checked myself for concussion and seems to me the fact I did that means I was not concussed.

However, from time to time we ski on literal ice and crashing on those ice patches could cause severe trauma to one’s head. Not to mention the possibility of catching an edge just long enough to send one into the trees or similar mishap

That is where the Giro Seam comes into play. I bought one each for my ski buddies and then picked the one in the photo up.

Helmet Review — Fit

I got the L size and it fits well, without adjustment. It fits snug but not tight which is just right! There is an adjustment in the back of the helmet to further fine tune the fit, but I I did not need it, I turned it in and put it on and I heard the mechanism rack out back to its maximum size.

I ski in Smith Goggles and the goggles and the goggles fit great did not create a ignominious gap. The mini-brim has a vent in it and this allowed my goggles to remain clear and free of fog, nice touch!

Helmet Review —Looks

Looks good, my brother said I looked good in the helmet and it matched my new jacket very nicely. No complaints there. I had to wear it with full face coverage and it all worked well, wish I would have taken a picture.

Helmet Review —Warmth

No complaints at all, I wore the Giro Seam in 6° F weather with good wind and I had no problem keeping my head warm. In fact, someone suggested this might have contributed to the overheating I experienced that day. I did not open the vents or try to work them, but they seem like they are not at all hard to work.

Helmet Review —Negatives

Since this is my first helmet I have nothing else to judge this helmet against. The only annoyance was it added a bit of height to myself and from time to time I would bang the top of my helmet against something. However, this is not the helmet’s fault, but will require getting myself getting used to that.

Helmet Review —In Short

I need to characterize the Giro Seam helmet as an Epic Triumph!

Good Stuff!

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