Skiing ABCs I

The Skiing ABCs I -- The letter I
Skiiing vocabulary starting with the letter I
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The Skiing ABCs I installment continues the Skiing ABCs series into words relating to skiing that start with the letter I.

The Skiing ABCs I — I is for Indianhead

The Skiiing ABCs I -- I is for Indianhead Ski Resort
I is for Indianhead
Indianhead is a ski resort in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (rightfully, this is Wisconsin) in the region known as Big Snow Country. This region is immediately downwind of the prevailing winds fresh off of Lake Superior and are usually the beneficiary of bounteous quantities of snow (this year is definitely excepted).

Indianhead features some nice long green runs and some good steeps. In addition, they leave their steepest runs go wild if your skiing can handle bumps. Indianhead also has decent lodging with slopeside lodging, a hotel, and condos for rent. The main lodge features a hotel with the usual amenities.

The Skiing ABCs I — I is for Ice

The Skiinig ABCs I -- Backlit Icicles
Ice is never fun!
What winter activity does not have ice associated with it? Certainly, skiing in the Midwest is often associated with ice. Skiers and snowboarders only like ice in their drinks but us in the Midwest often have to deal with ice on our ski trails.

Usually most of our resorts after a few hours of being open start to bare ice. Usually the hotter runs and usually down the center of the runs will have exposed ice. Typically people are skidding to keep their speeds in check and scrape off the loose snow that was covering the ice. I used to freak when skiing over these sections but now it is not a big deal as long it is patchy. I know where to expect them and as with so much of skiing being on your edges is key to skiing across those ice patches.

Occasionally, weather conditions glaze over the entire runs with boilerplate ice. On those days, hope for fresh snow or tell yourself you tried. Skiing on boilerplate ice is not at all fun.

Skiing ABCs I — Can You Think of Any?

Can you think of any words related to snow sports starting with the letter I?

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