Spring Skiing 2014

Spring Skiing 2014!
Spring Skiing 2014!

CSpring Skiing 2014!
Spring Skiing 2014!
Saturday March 29, 2014 Ironwood Michigan. I spent last Saturday skiing, as is usual I did not arrive at Blackjack until the early afternoon and was out skiing a bit after that. It is definitely spring skiing now.

Blackjack did not have any special events going on, just another day on the hill.

Spring Skiing 2014 — Snow Was Mostly Good

Blackjack resort was anD currently reports 100% open and that 100% is an honest number, no runs shown any signs of major snow loss. The snow was mostly good, but was definitely softening up, especially on the far west side. I took a cruise down Horseshoe and the snow on that run was very soft and River Drive had lots of soft snow both runs forced me to stay in the eastern edge in the shade. Towards the end of the day the other western runs were showing signs of softening snow and were developing bumps/moguls. The flats at the lifts were soft too, but I had little problem with grabby snow, mashed potatoes, or being able to skid to a stop. Other than those noted exceptions the snow on most of the hill was great and my speeds where as high or higher than they have been all year long.

Spring Skiing 2014 — Warm for a Change

After a year with numerous 0° F days it was nice to be able to strip layers, ditch the goggles, and don the sunglasses. The weather was sunny and in the 40° F range. There was a large number of cars in the parking lot, but the crowd in the lodge did not seem to match the car count but most of those folks it seems were taking advantage of the nice warm weather and the end of this current ski season.

So folks, if you have any remaining skiing to be done you had better hurry to get it in, it will be going quick!

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