Brown Bag Lunches

brown bag lunches are better
Not Bad but my Brown Bag Lunches are Better!

Recently I commented on a Powder Magazine article decrying ski resort brown bag lunch discrimination at a ski resort in the Northwest US. In general I have no problem with that, people giving money to the ski resort for eating should have priority on the resort’s prime real estate. Think if you had paying customers and non-paying customers wanting your extra resources, who would you make sure were taken care of first?

Well, that is enough of that! However, last ski season and most of this ski season I have gotten into the habit of packing and eating my own lunch when skiing. The reasons for this at first were an attempt to save money but I find I am able to ski better for longer when I eat a good lunch instead of the standard food-product that ski resort cafeterias typically deal in.

I am no means adverse to occasionally having the fare offered by ski hills but the appeal is much less now.

Brown Bag Lunches — A Sandwich or Two

I typically make two hardroll sandwiches varying only in the cheese. Ham, hard salami, lettuce, onion, tomato, black pepper, pickle, Italian dressing, oregano, brown mustard, and miracle whip make up my sandwich. I make one with sharp cheddar cheese (six year old or so) and either Swiss or provolone goes on the other. I smush and pack them into a ziploc bag and then they go into a little green lunch bag I have.

Chasing the sandwiches are usually a banana, two-three tangerines, and a cup of Chobani Greek yogurt. I often make sure I have a few bottles of water handy as well.

Brown Bag Lunches — The Motivation

The original motivation was budgetary in nature. Cut down on my expense, instead of paying for food I bring my own and then can pour that money back into ski gear or additional lift tickets. However, as my biking and quest at weight loss made me more aware of proper nutrition I am trying to be more in charge with what I eat and drink. Bringing my own lunch forces me to do just that, instead of that mystery meat called a hot-dog I eat better meats (I know some would dispute ham & salami being better) and get a good dose of fruit and vegetables. I am less tempted to order a beer (or two or three or four) and keep to water (not that I have anything wrong with beer, just need to keep it in it proper place). I get that good yogurt and a good and proper combination of carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, and protein.

brown bag lunches are better
Not Bad but my Brown Bag Lunches are Better!

All of that means I do not get rubbery legs in an hour or two and run back to the lodge for more food and less money and I feel better and more confident about that lunch.

Brown Bag Lunches — Where and When

Usually almost after I arrive at the resort. I usually have not been arriving until around noon and by that time breakfast is gone and I am ready to eat again. Where? I usually like to eat in my truck, I turn on XM Sirius Grateful Dead and listen to the concert of the day and eat that lunch. I have eaten in the main lodges of ski resorts, in their backhill lodge, and upstairs of lodges etc. I have never been hassled by ski resorts for it, but if they would, I would without a problem relocate.

When skiing with friends I often make them a sandwich and I typically know who likes what (my brother is every bit as omnivorous as I am, his fiance not so much). So we arrange a time and place for lunch and I go to the truck and grab the sack of sandwiches and show up.

Brown Bag Lunches — Horrid and Rancid Cafeteria Food

I was lazy last Friday and did not make a sandwich and instead rolled the dice. I came up a loser, the food was all around bad, the fries had a rancid taste and the cheeseburger was not much better. What was worse was my legs started to give out at the end of the day, just as the skiing challenge was picking up due to softening snow. I will never make that mistake again (sure I will, but I have to say that).

Brown Bag Lunches — Your Routine

Do you pack a lunch when skiing or do you rely instead on resort food? How is your favorite ski resort’s food? Does it taste good and does it keep you going to the last chair?

Good Stuff!

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