The 2010 Winter Olympics

Oh what an exercise in frustration is watching the Winter Olympics. At least this time around the games are in not too far from the US Central timezone.

Still, it will not do too much because the problem is not the time difference but the fact downhill skiing does not get great television coverage.

I am not saying the coverage is non-existent, but we all know US television focuses its Winter Olympics coverage on skating. While, I am not going to jeer “ice dancing” (I just saw Blades of Glory not too long ago) as it is a demanding sport in terms of strength, endurance,and coordination ice skating is not a sport I have ever engaged in and that is key I have never ice skated! That may seem at odds with the fact I am an outdoor sports enthusiast, but I have had ice skates on only once and did not figure it out.

However, I do ski often and when watching top level amateurs compete I have a keen understanding of what they are experiencing. Of course, the terrain they are skiing has steeper steeps and sharper turns than what I ski on, but I have the idea. My top speeds are about 60% of theirs and I believe I could handle the turns super-g skiers take and perhaps the same courses, maybe not. Still I understand the forces they are feeling and what is going through their minds and bodies. In fact, while I am watching FIS and Olympic skiing if I am standing I instinctively and sympathetically shift my weight in-sync with the skiers.

However, Olympic skiing plays second string to skating and I do not see that changing in the near future. Unless more people in this nation take up skiing and actually experience it, skiing will never be more popular than the Winter Olympic version of Dancing with the Stars.

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