The First Snowstorm — MEH! (and quickie ski resort report)

Many of my Facebook friends are putting up photos of snow blanketed vistas and complaining of clearing their driveways, the out of practice winter drivers (i.e. everyone), and I’ve seen one complaint expressing frustration in the snow they got did not live up to the hype (very common occurrence). What do I have? None of that. I am sitting in my basement in front of a roaring fireplace with my laptop on my lap. I am taking in the first weekend daylight views of my yard in what could be three weeks.

You see, I have a long long commute and that has me out the door well before sunup and I return after sunup. In addition, the last couple of weekends instead of settling in at home I race up north. I see some old snow and very little at that.

This current snow event is south of us in the Southeast part of WI. My state’s tundra appellation is not in fact all that accurate and relies upon one very cold day on which a famous football game was played (for the record The Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys in that game, though no coaches were fired as a result). We get winters here and serious winters at that, but right now it is all blah at least by me.

However, forge on ahead for a list of currently open ski resorts in the WI region.

The following ski resorts are open:

  • Ski Brule (USSA races ongoing weekend of December 4 & December 5 2010)
  • Indianhead Moutain
  • Nordic Mountain
  • Cascade Mountain
  • Sunburst
  • Norway Mountain
  • Marquette Mountain
  • Devilshead
  • Christmas Mountain
  • Lutsen
  • Granite Peak
  • Mt. LaCrosse
  • Alpine Valley
  • Welch Village
  • Boyne

Wow, one gripe folks, at the beginning and end of the season please make it more clear as to your resort’s state, state plainly and clearly if you are open or closed. Also I believe your website visitors would appreciate a more obvious conditions link. I know you have a lot of information you want to get to a lot of people but most of the sites I see are way too busy and either I miss the information or I stop looking because I don’t want to pay (time & effort wise) the price to find it and want to get a move on.

Good Stuff!

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