Sad story comes from Big Bear Mountain in California:

The incident began when Lukacik apparently injured himself while snowboarding.

“We were told that Bryson apparently fell off the ski lift and hit his head, but no one knew it until they saw a big lump on his head,” said Stars Assistant General Manager Kelly Ritayik. “Later in the day, we found out he collided with another snowboarder or a skier.”

Disoriented, Lukacik talked about going surfing the next day. He later asked where his bed was, but instead of remaining at a vacation cabin, the 22-year-old dashed into the night to find a way back to his San Diego County residence.

“We were told that people with head injuries like this can have a one-track mind,” added Ritayik. “So everyone is assuming he’s trying to come home to his own bed-but he doesn’t have any money or his cell phone.”

Very sad (source from The Ski Channel Television Network), and leaves one to wonder not just about this situation but others.

I can not imagine he was alone and I have to wonder why his companions were so oblivious to his state and wherabouts. I am well understanding of the balance everyone must strike between allowing others to be at destructive liberty and interfering. Do you intervene when someone you love lights up a cigarette or do you allow them to carry on? I suppose most would allow them to carry on as long as the smoke does not intrude too heavily upon their air, but let us face it, at least something should be said.

Obviously, smoking isn’t the only such behavior. Drinking, drugs, gambling, over-eating, and many other choices can cross the line into area dangerous for one’s health and well being. Is it proper to let a loved one continue down a bad road even though they harm you and others, not? Or do you step in? Not easy.

Where is that line and how do you broach it?

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