Product Review in the Works

Yes, I have been solicited to demo, test, and review a ski gear product! I accepted (I’m easy that way folks) and the product arrived today, and so far the expectations are way exceeded. The product is out of the box, but not the plastic bag. I’ll start to remove it when I have more access to time and better photography conditions. Then I’ll put it on a backdrop to photo it.

I guess this product being my first will undergo a number of reports. I suppose the first will be the basics on fit, style, appearance, and a first review of comfort. Yeah, you can tell already it is an article of clothing.

When the first part of the review comes out I’ll let you all in on what the product is and the details. The product is an old ski clothing standby that has a new twist. The problem I face is the new twist needs some side by side comparison under colder conditions than we have now. In addition, I want to test this article while skiing, not just while strolling around my yard outside.

Good Stuff!

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