Winter 2013 – 2014 — Long Range Forecasts

I am not quite yet ready to write the summer 2013 obituary but the crickets are hear, the robins are gone, the redwing blackbirds are gone, the corn is tall, the cosmos flowers are blooming, and our cone flowers are starting to enter the final phase of their blooming. Yes, time to start thinking about Winter 2013 – 2014.

Winter 2013 – 2014 — Saying Good Bye to Summer

I have said it before, I like the current season and have long since learned to find things to do that bring out the best of each season. That said, I am never done with a season, I could deal with a few more months of summer, but seasons change. The signs of the end of summer are now unmistakable, the sun is setting noticeably earlier, the crickets are loud at night, I no longer see robins or redwing blackbirds (or hear them) except for the occasional bird taking a break on its trip to warmer climates. The corn in the fields is way taller and of course I am hearing about all levels of schooling starting up again.

Right now, summer is giving it a good shot at a comeback we are in the middle of a heat wave as hot or hotter than anything we have had yet this summer. I do not mind such hot weather but it does slow me down.

Winter 2013 – 2014 — Long Range Forecasts

This story reports on the Farmer’s Almanac prediction of a cold and snowy winter. Lots of people I hear groaning, but this is exciting news! I had better make sure my woodpiles are sufficiently built up!

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