Winter 2014 Olympic Highlights

Julia -- a Lake Louise Winner
Julia Completes the Podium!

A Winter 2014 Highlight
Julia Mancuso a 2014 Winter Olympic Highlight!
The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games are over. So now it is time to start talking about the highlights of the games, and here are the my Winter 2014 Olympic highlights, and I want to hear yours!

  1. Dominique Gisin and Tina Maze — co-gold-medalists in the women’s downhill.
  2. For both of these women, this is huge triumph of perseverance! Dominique Gisin struggled to make the Swiss Olympic team (though she is a staple FIS world cup tour) and made the team at the last moment. It was inspiring to see her win that gold medal. She proves the old adage you are never as bad as you are at your worst and she obviously had the confidence in herself to throw herself down that mountain as if she had a chance!

    The story of her co-gold-medalist is equally inspiring. Tina Maze tore up the FIS world cup in the previous season and was not at all living up to expectations. To see her return to form with that gold medal tie was nice and is another reminder of the importance of perserverance!


  3. Matt Antoine’s Bronze in Luge
  4. Matt is a Wisconsin native and he won the bronze medal in the luge.


  5. Mikaela Shiffrin’s Slalom Gold Medal!
  6. What a performance she put on for us. First was her great first run, then the sly wink to the camera, and that amazing second run. She nearly lost it all on the second run by nearly crashing, but she held on and quickly recovered her run and won the gold. Mikaela is the youngest woman to win the Olympic slalom gold medal!


  7. Julia Mancuso’s Joy
  8. The pure joy in Julia’s screams came through clearly across the world and across time, how could one not help but smile and feel the thrill she was feeling! Congratulations Julia on your medal!

  9. Andrew Weibrecht’s Super-G Silver
  10. This is in my opinion a great lesson in perseverance as well. Andrew has been on the world cup circuit since 2006 missing one season and never reaching the podium. Well congratulations Andrew you got a spot on an Olympic podium!


  11. Bode Miller’s Super-G Bronze
  12. Bode Miller is no stranger to podiums Olympic or otherwise but this one was sweet being the oldest man to win an Olympic alpine medal (nice match to Mikaela’s record). While Bode is always a potential winner it is never guaranteed and it is always good to see him do well.


  13. The Slopestyle Skiers
  14. US ski team dominance, what more need I say?

The US Alpine and freestyle ski teams did very well in these games.

What were your most memorable moments of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games?

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