A Weekend at Ski Brule

headed down spillway
Headed Down Spillway

A Weekend at Ski Brule
Getting ready to ski down Spillway
A college buddy of mine would often depart my company by wishing me stories, well, not all stories are happy but many times they are worth living and of course form the memories we all treasure. Last weekend, we went UpNorth to ski at Ski Brule.

The Weekend Starts

With our plans having to change, early Friday morning my wife The Wisconsin Snowbunny informed me a contingent of the Northwoods Angels decided to come down and visit. Well, that settled it for Lorie, she was going to stay home. So I was able to leave after work instead of midnight. So, after work I did some shopping for groceries, packed up, and left.

After an uneventful drive I arrived at the cabin to find the fireplace cranking out heat, the pizza just out of the oven, and the place lit up and ready for the weekend. Oh yeah, except for some water lines frozen solid, still some of the lines were fine, namely bathroom sink’s line. So we have our pizza and visit with my brother and his girlfriend and then go to bed.

The Weekend and A Brief Thought of First Chairs

At about 4:30 am I stir and hear water running, I would like to say I thought it was my brother being fired up to get to Brule early for first chairs but I recognized quickly the running water was not the shower, I was only certain I did not like it one bit. I popped out of bed, hustled down the spiral staircase, and stepped into the wading pool that was currently the main level of our cabin. The water was probably 2″-3″ (5-7.5 cm) deep. I sang a song of joy while scrambling to find the leak and I reached for the shutoff valves under the kitchen sink but I could not get my hands on them so I quickly ran downstairs to shut off the main valve. The water downstairs was a bit deeper, probably about 3″-4″ (7.5 to 10 cm) deep. I got to the main valve turned that off and then returned upstairs to shut off the kitchen sink valves. By this time my brother and his girlfriend were awake and wading with me.

Well, we then sprung into action and got our wet-dry vacuum out and started vacuuming up water on the main level. Before too much longer we had done about all we were going to do and went back to bed. When we woke up quite a bit of both the main level and the basement were dry. We did some more vacuuming removed wet carpeting from their usual locations and went skiing.

The Weekend and the Skiing

In a word, great! The weather was perfect for skiing and the snow at Brule was in fine shape, with the exception of the section just before the Bear Headwall, but I was able to hang tight on the left side. The crowd was not too large and not too small and we saw all of the usual suspects too! Nothing too remarkable about the skiing and my skiing was mediocre.

The Weekend and the Aftermath

We were not thinking about the situation on Friday night, we should have shut the water off and perhaps even drained the lines, we may have burst those pipes but we would not have the disaster we did. We have had pipes go in the past but they have always burst when we were around and awake, this time the leak caught us asleep.

Also, the event of the previous weekend is going to bring about a replumbing of the cabin. The plumbing is currently PVC and is a rube goldbergish hodge podge of unions (patching previous leaks or replumbs for other reasons) and other fittings. Plus I see converting to PEX may buy us more than better ice resistance.

I also have a truckload of carpets to wash. One of those carpets is an Afghan war rug but the rest are commodity rugs and area carpets, it might be some of those carpets may end up filling some holes in the earth.

The Weekend and the Final Word

The living in the Cabin this weekend was miserable, but now that we are past that I am quite certain we will be telling this story many times.

Do you have a similar story, please share!

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