Skiing — What’s It All About?

The ski crew I most frequently ski with is never motivated to get first tracks. I have given up on that notion. We get to the happy carving grounds late Friday and we may have to warm the cabin up from 40° F to a more cozy temperature and of course after the long ride we open cans of relaxation aid. The result is we go to bed on the late side on Friday nights, meaning, we do not get up too early on Saturday.

In addition, Saturday morning may have us cooking up a big breakfast and that takes time too. The result is….

The Late Bird Gets some Needed Sleep

We do not arrive at the ski slopes until late morning (at best) or until the early afternoon. There is another ski crew who usually park in the parking stalls #1, #2, #3, etc, same group the tags on their vehicles are “WE SKI1” “WE SKI2” “WE SKI3” etc. Usually when we arrive they are at their vehicles and are tailgating. I think that a super idea and a great way to spend time with those you love.

However, my brother knows these people from Green Bay one of them knows my brother as he works in the auto garage my brother patronizes. The problem is they hoot & holler at us when we walk in fashionably late. I don’t care, even if I knew them myself and I really don’t hear it anyway as it is all being directed at the person they know (this tells me it is good natured ribbing as they don’t know my father or myself they don’t know what will or will not set us off), still it bothers my brother. I am quite sure they get first tracks on a frequent basis.

I often notice though, when there are no more chairs available and I am clicking out of my skis, they are nowhere to be seen. They have packed up and left already. So the skiing they get on us in the morning we get back in the afternoon.

Friends and Family

In any event it is not a competition to see how many runs we can get in (I get quite enough in thank you) but to spend time with those we love. You know, when I am skiing (especially when the skiing is fast or steep or some other sort of challenge is presented to myself) and everyone else is on the peripherry. However, when the run is complete, I rejoin the crew or wait for the crew to rejoin with myself, and repeat. We drive to and from the resort together, we dine together we just be together.

There are going to be ski vacations I will remember for the skiing, but I’m going to remember the times with my friends and family more vividly and more frequently.

Good Stuff!

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