Ski Clubs

Are you a member of a ski club? Why not?

Am I? Hehehehe, I should be too and will look into joining the Sly Fox Ski Club which is my local ski club.

I had a membership some years ago, joining shortly after I started this site up. However, I let the membership lapse, as I did not take full advantage of being a member. That is too bad, however, at the time I had two other concerns (aside from the home life and job life) tugging at me for attention. However, those two other concerns are largely gone, so what is stopping me? What is stopping you?

The region has another ski club and that is the Gelandesprung Ski Club. I recall one weekend when we went to Indianhead and Blackjack. Gelandesprung had a trip on that weekend and were staying at the Indianhead lodge. My brother more ambitious for the night life said the Gelandesprung crew was there and he intimated there was good opportunity for socialization!

The one problem I see with the ski clubs is they do not seem real family friendly unless your family is all grown up and that limits the growth of ski clubs.

Good Stuff!

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