Ski Dreaming

From time to time I dream of skiing. I am not talking of day dreaming, but about night dreams.

It is one thing to day dream of something, but to night dream of it is different. Last night I had a ski dream, I always wake up from these thinking I am a better skier than I really am, or perhaps the dreams are closer to reality than I give them credit for.
I have one ski dream that recurs, and I usually get it late in the summer or early fall. It centers around ski resorts Upnorth. The resort in my dreams is laid out different from reality and so too the lodges and the very roads, but the names of the Upnorth ski resorts figures large in the dreams. The funny thing is the layout of the runs and the lodge layouts do not change from occurrence to occurrence.

Last night’s dream was completely new to myself and was set in some unnamed resort out in Colorado. I remember skiing down a run that appeared to myself in the dream to be above my ability. The run was full of deep and tracked up — pow and carving it up like it was a Thanksgiving Day turkey. From time to time I would stop look up and down the run and amaze how I was handling it and thinking to myself this is way steeper and challenging than what I normally take on. However, I do remember the mechanics of my dream were not at all different from skiing on packed and groomed runs, so in truth it was all probably a lot more challenging than what my dream-self was giving it credit for and is unlikely to cause to me to charge headlong down a powdered steepful.

It will be a long summer if I am already ski dreaming. Do you ski dream? Please share if you do!

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