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Cars and Skiing -- the ski road trip

Back in 2005 I was a member of road trip questing for snow and family.

That was an all around good trip. The trip was out to Cañon City Colorado. The family was my cousin and the snow was found at Monarch Mountain.

A cousin of mine used to live in Cañon City. About an hour and one half drive from his residence was the location of Monarch Moutain a ski resort. So, we (we being my brother, my father, my aunt, my wife, and myself) decided to go out and visit him. So, we packed up my brother’s Suburban, attached my Thule box, loaded up our gear and necessities, snapped a photo, and started driving.

I took the first driving shift. I drove from my parent’s house near Manitowoc WI to Des Moines Iowa. This was a nostalgic drive as the first four hours or so of the drive was the drive I took from home to college. Of course, things were different no more slowing down for Belmont and the Platteville bypass was well underway. Eventually, I drove into the night and I recall popping in my CD of Beethoven piano sonatas (featuring Van Cliburn) and listening to that. Eventually, we had to stop for gas and a bio-break.

Then my father took over the driving and I crawled into the back where I was able to get stretched out horizontally. I got some sleep but not a whole lot. I recall crossing over from Iowa to Nebraska in Council Bluffs over the border into Omaha. You know, all the things from our cities in Wisconsin are present, English, lights, signs, auto dealerships, warehouses, equipment rentals, gas stations, etc but it is all a wonder and was riveting. Eventually though we moved out of the urban and suburban and spent most of the time in the rural.

Being dark out, there was not a whole lot to see. The black of the night is as thick as the walls of a mountain. I suppose though, there would not have been all that much to see anyways. I spent the time fiddling with my phone’s extra-phone capabilities. Near the Nebraska-Colorado border my brother took the wheel over at another gas station. We gassed the truck up, we bio-breaked, got some nibbles and all of those other things one does at a service station. Then, once again we launched our vehicle into the dark and inky night.


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