Wishing Your Life Away

All too often in our lives we wish some future event would hurry up and be the present. All the while we ignore the wondrous beauty and worth of the current moment. Well, maybe the current moment is not all that special (maybe it is a decidedly negative situation), still I wonder how many people realize they are wishing their lives away?

Remember, every moment that passes us by is one less moment until we find ourselves in the grave. I wonder how many people in their final years regret the wishes How I wish Christmas were here! How I wish summer would come! How I wish I could be 21 to go to the bars! How I wish I were 16 years old so I could drive! How I wish I was ten years old so I could ride that ride! One common wish is the wish to be younger, but why, did you not just wish your youth away?

If the present state ever really that bad or the future state so desirable?

I started seeing Tweets on my ski account (@WisSkier, please follow!) about people wishing the snow were hear, blizzards were blizzarding, the pow was powing, etc. I asked if we could at least wait until BLT season came and went, hard to communicate the full depth of my true sentiment on such tweets in 140 characters.

Do not get me wrong, when the snow is here I will be a fully enthused skier wishing for more snow and more time on the slopes. However, there is plenty of things I want to do yet this summer. I fully embrace the summer, will fully embrace the fall when it finally arrives, and do so with the winter (in fact, I am getting ski-dreams now). But I want to enjoy all the time I have, even the the supposed blank time in between the fun and do not want to wish my life away.

Now, what can we do to make mid-late spring worth it?

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