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Beer Après Ski
Some of my Favorite Winter Beers
Recently, I wrote about the connection of between snowsports and booze. Some dispute the connection is strong or chases customers away but there is one thing I do not want anyone to think, and that is I am a teetotaller. I simply have decided to drink less but better and to drink my beer après ski and après getting back to where I am staying.

Beer Après Ski — My Favorite Beers

My favorite beer when I get back safe and sound to my lodging depends heavily on the weather and I do not believe that is odd, when I talk to beer store folk and see the beers that are characterized as winter beers I am definitely not alone. I prefer beers with heavier bodies and typically I prefer heavily hopped beers and I gravitate towards ales, but not exclusively.

During the summer I do the opposite and tend to lighter bodies beers preferring heffeweizens and yes even American standard beer product (aka pilzens of short beer variety) and lagers in general.

Beer Après Ski — My Favorites

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Not an IPA but darned close to it, it is the beer I consider to be my go to when nothing else grabs me.

  • Wasatch Brewery’s Polygamy Porter
  • I read about this beer and thought it was apocryphal and then I was browsing our local liquor store and there it was! I purchased it immediately for a ski trip we had coming up. Our buddy on the trip has an aunt and uncle who are Mormons so I thought he would get a kick out of it and guess what? He thought it hilarious. I purchase this beer on an occasional basis now.

  • Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Extra IPA
  • Another hoppy beer and this one is is a strong beer. This is definitely a beer to have only when you are settled in for the night.

  • Tyranena Brewery
  • Tyranena Brewery is a WI microbrewery and they have a good IPA (Bitter Woman) and a good porter (Blackhawk).

  • Central Waters
  • Another Wisconsin microbrewery and I generally purchase and consumer their IPA as well.

    Yes, as I say I gravitate to IPAs and similar beers but of the last year or so I have started to explore other varieties.

    Beer Après Ski — Make it Positive

    Skiing and beer go hand in hand, make it a positive connection and instead of a destructive one. How about you, what beers do you like to drink after a day on the snow?

    Vote one one below or add your own!
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  1. Robert, first of all thank you for reading and adding to the discussion!

    I’ve never seen that one before, however, most beer coolers are full of choices and it is easy to miss a beer, even when you know it is there and you are looking for it in particular. What summer beers do you like? I go for Sand Creek’s “Heiferweizen”, absent that sometimes it is another heffeweizen or even a Miller.

  2. Word up WI Ski Human,
    In the past, when having a hotel room on the hill I would hit the sauce a little so as not to have to drive. It’s a better shred for me to be 100% sauce free VS do I ski better with 1 or 3 brews and if so, what kind.

    That being said, Pete’s Wicked Winter was my Favorite when I return to the shelter, does anyone know if they STILL BREW IT?? Settle with Blue Moon Winter Brew I do (Yoda) as it is hearty but not too stew like.

  3. Bradford,

    Thanks for the comment. I don’t mind skiing with a beer or two in myself, but I am even starting to come around on that. I would rather spend the money on good beer than commodity beer.


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