Heard at the Grass Skiing Competition

More old material from the old site. I heard of a “grass skiing” competition and developed a top ten list for comments heard at that. Enjoy.

Here are the top ten comments heard at the International Grass Skiing Competition recently held in Iran.


The grass on the Hamdan run is 15 cm, when are they going to cut it?


Watch the Abubakr run, there are cows grazing on it.


Stay off of the golf course! Stay off of the golf course!


The base is 10 cm and green.


The grass on the north facing slopes is starting to yellow, avoid them if you can!


The Ali run has fresh clippings on it, nothing like skiing on fresh grass clippings!


The Saif run has patches of crab grass, boy do they grab your skis


The weeds on the west run provide good bump skiing!


Too bad this fun is soon to end, pretty soon it will snow and there will be no more skiing.


The grass on run Qawa is a cross between Afghan gold and rye. Ski on it during the day, take it home and get crazy stoned at night!

Good Stuff!

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