Green, Gold, and Blue

Sigh, the Packers lost on Sunday to the New York Giants. I am still convinced the better team lost, but there is no arguing who was playing better football on Sunday and that is what counts. Our receivers who through most of the season were catching everything thrown in Brown County could not hold onto anything and that also applies to the period after the catch.

However, there is one positive in this — I no longer have to plan ski trips around football games, even the Superbowl is going to have to fight hard to get my attention over skiing. However, no matter who is playing it is usually a cause to get together with family and friends. However, if it were up to me I would be coming home from a ski trip at about kick off time and watch with middling interest.

The key thing is though, for the vast majority of us, watching the NFL is a passive consumptive type of activity. We sit in our chairs and watch as others do. However, skiing is an active creative activity we do.

Now get out and DO!

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