Contemplating Helmets

Should I? (I do now)

Contemplating A Helmet
This article is old, pictured is the helmet I wear!

Editorials often come down decisively on one side or the other of a question. This is not one of those editorials.

Currently, I do not wear a helmet while skiing. Should I? If I ask about helmets for myself that is one thing, but when we start talking about resorts and even more critically the government demanding we wear helmets that is another.

Essentially, I contemplate three closely related but separate concerns.

  1. Should I wear a ski helmet? I studied physics in my college days. I understand the mechanics and energies involved in skiing. Still, I that understanding has not moved me to buy a helmet. I have had a number of wipe-outs and have rung my bell only once and that wasn’t too bad. I am on the verge of getting a helmet, I think it would also serve other purposes quite well where a helmet thus equipped would be ideal for delivering music to my ear

    The only reasons I have not yet bought a helmet are related to inertia and cost. I just have not yet done the research I feel needed to make a wise purchase. Fashion is a bit of concern, but only in that I have a helmet that matches up with my general color theme and I want a brim on the helmet.

  2. Should resorts enforce ski helmet requirements? That is, should ski resorts require skiers, skiing on land under their responsibility to wear helmets? I am sure their insurance companies would not mind that one little bit.

    That is up to the ski resorts and I would be okay provided the resorts grant a quid pro quo to the helmet wearing customer. Easiest one to think of is a reduction in lift ticket price.

  3. Should the government enforce ski helmet by regulation?


I do believe it is wise policy to wear helmets in high speed activities, if you do so though, make sure you don’t negate the benefit by being more wreckless.

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