Exercise Exercise Exercise!

I remember seeing clips of a sales training video featuring Vince Lombardi talking about winning and the principles he thought winning everywhere requires.

In this video he addresses the importance of being physically fit. Yeah, you got it, a football coach talking to salesmen on the importance of being fit (there is more to the video, but the clip I saw he was specifically addressing physical fitness), and it seems odd, but it is not.

In my life, I have veered from decent and good physical fitness to poor. That bouncing back and forth has empirically shown me a few things to be true:

In those periods where I was physically fit:

  • I was more alert
  • I was alert for longer into the day
  • I was more organized
  • I had more ambition

Those in addition to the usual improvements to the standard physical metrics your doctor takes.

So, do what it takes to get yourself back into good physical shape. Whatever that means, joining a gym, buying workout gear for home, taking up a new activity, etc. It is cliché, but just do it..

Good Stuff!

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