Accountability for your Health Goals

Hold Yourself Accountable for your Health Goals

Be Accountable for Your Health Goals
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What do you do to ensure accountability for your health goals? Or do you keep it quiet so you do not have to face failure in front of others?

Accountability for your Health Goals — Let Others Know

Let other people know your commitment to changing your unhealthy ways. A couple of reasons, first so they know you are trying to change and if they care about you and have some intelligence they will not try to lure you back into old ways. It is hard enough to control our eating, to control our drinking, to get our workouts in without others trying to steer your wrong.

In addition, if you fall they can help you get back up. Maybe it will be by giving you some well-intentioned guff but it will help. A couple of personal incidents. Some time ago I got a post-lunch bag of chips my cube-mate chided me about it and I confessed he was right and did not repeat that performance. He was apologetic, but he was right about calling me on it!

This evening, I had a Sly Fox Ski Club meetting at The Bar on Lynndale and I checked in on FourSquare and that all pushed to Facebook and Twitter. One of my FB friends who is aware of my commitment to losing weight and improving my health called me on that. Yeah, of course, hanging out in a bar is not a health move and I am glad for her concern. Still, I stand by my stopping at the meeting and having some beers and some pub-food.

Accountability for your Health Goals — Weigh The Pros and Cons

Accountability does not mean doing one thing or the other, it means weighing the costs and benefits and accepting both the costs and the benefits. My stop at The Bar on Lynndale this evening cost me a few more calories than a normal evening would normally cost me. However, I got to see a good presentation on ski medicine and got to meet some more people. I put the consumption into my calorie tracker (partially offset by 1/2 hour of moderate freestyle swimming before-hand) and am holding myself to account for it. The fact others are also holding myself to account can do nothing but help.

Accountability for your Health Goals — Initial Reaction

I will admit it, it was not the cool, calm, and collected reaction on display here. It was at first one of irritation but it did cool off and rational thought processes took over. If you are going to call others on bad behavior be prepared for a lashback, but is ignoring bad and destructive behavior a loving response? What do you think?

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