Lindsey Vonn vs. the Men

Do Not Do It Lindsey!

Lindsey Vonn vs. the Men
Lindsey Vonn Petitions FIS to Compete against the Men

Lindsey Vonn vs. the Men
Lindsey Vonn
Most of us who pay attention to the ski world know Lindsey Vonn petitioned the FIS to compete against the men in Alpine skiing. The FIS denied her request. Lindsey Vonn is one tough skier and she skis on men’s skis.

There is no doubt Lindsey Vonn would regularly beat about 2/3rds of the men on the current circuit, at least in the speed events of downhill and super-g skiing, but I am skeptical she would be on the podium very often. There is also no doubt I do not want to see an event like Billy Jean King vs. Boggy Riggs and I am sure the FIS does not want that happening either.

My thoughts on this are is that Lindsey could usually wind up near the top, but I also have no doubt she would not get as many podiums and she would not be contending for the overall title either. I am glad the FIS did not allow the event to turn into something other than skiing. I do not blame Lindsey she is looking for more challenge, after all to her it must seem routine to get on the podium.

Lindsey Vonn is the top US skier of the current generation and there is no doubt about that.

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