WI State Senate Bill SB 388

WI State Senate Bill SB 388

Wisconsin Outdoor Fun notices Wisconsin State Senate activity related to skiing:

State lawmakers are working on new rules that will limit liability for owners and operators of downhill and Nordic ski areas.

I read WI SB 388 over quickly and without lawyer training, but most of the bill was fairly easy to read. What is The Wisconsin Skier’s opinion? Read on.

Reading through the bill there is nothing alarming to myself. I think some of the items just do not apply. For instance, tree and out of bounds skiing. Some of our resorts do have tree skiing but the dangers are not the same and areas of such are not vast. Some of the reading makes sense, due to the fact I have seen similar measures up in Michigan.

It addresses helmets not by mandating but emphasizing that they are a good idea through signage. I like that.

In short the Wisconsin Skier supports SB 388 and encourages his state Senator Michael Ellis to support this bill and his State Assembly Representative Michelle Litjens to vote for this bill as well when it reaches her chamber.

Good Stuff!

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