Green, Gold, and Blue

From the title of this site I am sure you will guess correctly as to which NFL team I am a fan of. Yeap, the Green & Gold — The Green Bay Packers. I like to watch the games, I was at my parent’s house last Sunday and so too were my brother, uncle, and aunt.

Great game but not good enough, I only like good tight games when the Packers are not in them. I have a case of the green ‘n gold blues over the outcome of that game.

However, there is one positive aspect of the result. I will not have to plan ski trips around Packer games any more this ski season. Instead of hanging back at the shack or even staying home for the weekend to watch the Packer game, we can ski.

As noted, I do enjoy sitting with friends and family to watch the game, but watching the game is passive consumption of other’s activity typically accompanied by drinking beer and eating snack foods and the like. When I am skiing I am active, I am burning calories, I am working my legs and heart, I am breathing fresh air, and viewing great scenery. I will not say I do not have beers while skiing but the beer drinking is on breaks from skiing.

From this point on, only one football game will affect our ski schedule and that is the Superbowl. All other games will be watched while in the main lodge but will not keep us there.

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