Transition from Skiing to Biking

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Transition from skiing to biking
Transition from Skiing to Biking
The season is rapidly moving from being my favorite time of the year to the least favorite time. The time between the end of ski season and the start of the warm season. The weather goes from bluebird to blahbird and it is too warm to maintain the snow and too cold to garden, do yard work (which I enjoy), and generally too cold to provide for pleasant biking weather. Time to transition from skiing to biking! Long Live the Revolutions!

That being said, being a skier I know the solution to cold and unpleasant weather is found in gear, and what sort of thing appeals more to men than the study and getting of gear?

A half-day of skiing
A half-day of skiing
The gear I am talking about is mostly centered on clothing as that is the battle we face at the far ends of biking season — keeping our bodies warm in cold weather. Not only that, but we also demand gear that does unduly interfere with the operation of our bicycles. I have such gear and am using it, that and the burn does the job of keeping me warm and typically at the end of the ride all of my body parts are warm, or at least not dangerously cold.

Last fall I took a ride where my body was getting close to dangerously cold. It did not take a lot of gear to correct that situation, but my clothing was inadequate to protecting my body from the cold and the wet. Since then I have taken rides in the cold rain and snow and have been okay. Even with that, I prefer riding my bike when it 80° with no wind and sunshine. In fact, I find riding the bike on those days when it is 95°+ is not so bad, take along the water and keep rolling and you have a good cooling breeze blowing over you, even if it is humid out the constant turnover of air helps keep you comfortable.

One of my standard biking routes
One of my standard biking routes
I still have opportunity to ski and can see at least one more trip happening before all of the regional resorts close for the season. Maybe even another two or three trips are possible.

Even though I am hoping to get some more skiing in I am good and ready for bike season to get rolling! I have some major bike and health related goals to accomplish this season What do I mean by major? I have three goals:

  1. TOTAL MILES: 2000+
  2. Last season I achieved just under 1,200 total miles on my bike. I think with the earlier and more dedicated start, 2000+ is achievable. Not only is my start earlier but I know I will sustain the riding and with my improved fitness I am starting off with 18-20 mile rides instead of 10-13 mile rides.

  3. At least one Century ride
  4. Last season my longest ride was about 60 miles long (57 is more exact) and I did not eat at all on that ride. So, I believe I am within reasonable striking range of a 100 mile ride, especially, if I take along supplemental nutrition. My aim with most of my riding is to burn calories and so I do not take food or energy with me, but the goal of the century ride is to do it!

  5. Weight: 190 pounds
  6. I am hoping to weigh 200 pounds in a month or so. I recently had a whoosh that took me from about 211 to 208 pounds. At this time last year I was a lumpy 250 pounds and now I am much more solid. Putting on shoes and boots is no longer an endurance event. I hope in a month or so to have lost the 8 pounds to get me at 200 and from there I will change my plan to lose 10 pounds in a year. Previously I was setup to lose 50 pounds per year. the biking gives me a dietary blank check, a foodies dream!

What are your health and activity goals for this summer?

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