Music fit for a Skiing Trip

music to ski to
Music to Ski To

music to ski to
Music to Ski To
Today’s list is about the pieces of music I like to listen to while skiing. Of course I am not going to claim my selections are the best ski tunes of all time because my taste in music is somewhat non-standard. Also, I may have never listened to the tunes while skiing but for some reason I believe they would work for skiing.

Actually, I seldom listen to music while skiing, I prefer to use my hearing to protect myself on the slopes. Early last season I was skiing and heard the sound of skier way too close to me forcing me to make a quick turn and right where I would have been was a young child about 7-10 years old dive-bombing the run, he was, of course completely out of control. Plus I have yet to obtain tune-drops for my helmet (another benefit of helmet wearing). Still, given the right set of circumstances I have no problem skiing to music.

Music fit for a Skiing Trip — The Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

Yes, that is correct, classical music composed by a Russian composer and those Russians know a thing or two about winter. This piece is a famous one and much of the piece seems as if it is a tone-poem painting a picture of winter, especially the second movement.

I was skiing at Indianhead one day and the conditions were challenging with piles of fresh snow cut and bumped up. My brother and I were headed down one of their blacks and the 3rd of the 3rd kicked off and my line instantly turned from traversing and cautious to straight and aggressive, I kept up with my brother and he and I were skiing down the run together, it was marvelous! I can still recall with great vividness the images of him skiing in and out of my peripheral vision.

Here is a YouTube recording of Sergei himself playing the first movement of the piece:

Music fit for a Skiing Trip — Dire Wolf

In the timbers of Fennario
the wolves are running round
The winter was so hard and cold
froze ten feet neath the ground

Love the winter theme in the start of this song and of course the song itself is cool all around. The bluegrass style the song is fits in with most of the settings I find myself skiing in. Also of course, it’s the Grateful Dead which of course almost automatically puts it on my list!

This is a decidedly a non-bluegrass version performed at the Filmore East on January 2, 1970. I love Piggy’s organcraft in this.

Music fit for a Skiing Trip — SOS

I have written about the strong association I have with skiing and Abba and of their songs it is SOS I like the best. I confess I have never skied to the song (or any Abba music for that matter) but I can see skiing to the song would be a blast and in any event I consider this a ski song!

I present SOS by Abba:

Music fit for a Skiing Trip — Jack-a-Roe

Another entry from the Grateful Dead, which should not surprise you. This song is a traditional bluegrass piece and the ‘Dead typically play it in an uptempo mode. The ’89 versions of this song are sweet and are sweet for skiing short quick turns.

I present to you Jack-A-Roe from October 9, 1989 performed at Hampton Virginia (I saw this at Alpine Valley in July of the same year):

Music fit for a Skiing Trip — Why Does the Sun Shine?

Sun music, nothing like skiing when the sun is out, it is easier to see, be cheerful, drive, and have a great time and we all hope skiing to this song makes the sun feel welcome!

Music fit for a Skiing Trip — China Cat Sunflower – I Know You Rider

YeMoD! Yet More Dead! This pair of songs is great for spring skiing. I Know You Rider pines warm March winds and refers to cool Colorado precipitation (rain, not snow, but oh well). China Cat Sunflower is a great song that is fun to dance too (and great skiing is rhythmic movement just like dancing). The videos below come from the same ’89 Alpine show a show I was at!

Now, it is your turn to vote on a favorite song to ski or snowboard or suggest your favorite song or songs!
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