Nordic Mountain: Grand Review

Nordic Mountain in Mt. Morris WI
Nordic Mountain from the base place
Recently I skied Nordic Mountain and present to you my review and opinions of the resort.

I visited Nordic Mountain on part of a bus trip organized by The Skier’s Outlet and by WVBO. Since I have never been to Nordic Mountain before I decided to go.

The trip left at about 9:40 and we arrived at Nordic around 11:00, though I was not pay real close attention. We were directed to the groups door and the attendants asked for people looking just for lift tickets and not rental gear so I went and collected my lift ticket and went to change into my gear.

Then I went skiing.

BTW, visit @snowdotcom’s website when you can. I mention this to get entered into their “swag” contest!

I got into my gear, clicked in and poled and skated to the triple chair. Rode it up and skied to their huge ski map board. Looked it over and decided to ski the blue and black runs under the triple chair. I sampled them and then took a run over the right side of the hill (as you are looking up). Eventually I wound up coming down in an area without lift service but ropes, so from that point on I stayed away from that side of the hill and concentrated skiing under the triple chair. They have a double chair but it seemed to me if you did not ski exactly right when attempting to get to that chair you wound up in ropesville.

Nordic Corduroy
Nordic Corduroy & @snowdotcom


I found the snow on the ski trails to be in good shape with no ice found on the groomed runs. Novice skiers and boarders could concentrate on learning to ski on the runs here and not dealing with adverse snow conditions. However, the run under the triple chair has a section where 1/3 of the trail is covered by moguls, on top of the run there is a steep chute feeding the run, and Nordic does have a glade-skiing area, however I did not check out the glades.

The quality of skiing at Nordic is definitely novice to early intermediate level. However, as I note above more advanced skiers can find things to give them some thrills (albeit short-lived ones). The trail map shows they glades formed for glade skiing, but that area is not serviced by lifts and I never found that skiing, which is unfortunate because that could have been another opportunity for some new type of skiing.

Still, there were areas for advanced skiers to explore. Nordic had a mogul run, the glades, and some steep chutes leading to their main trails.

The Staff

Top notch! They were friendly and patient with those needing patience. The lift attendants would chat it up with you and ask you about your day. I wiped out in the mogul field and before I could get back into my skis a ski patroller was there checking me out. In addition, I did see the ski patrol in action on a boarder who fell and they had the sled out.

The Base Place

The rental facility was small and crowded. Not too much to report on there. However, I found the bar to be top notch.

Nordic Mountain's Base Place Bar
Nordic's Bar
The bar had $1.00 cans of Lost Lake Lager (the old Kingsbury recipe) and I ordered a cup of split pea soup and the reuben sandwich. The soup was excellent, the sandwich good, and the fries standard. The service was slow at first but got better throughout the day. At the end of skiing they had a double bubble where the $1.00 Lost Lakes turned into $0.50 Lost Lakes!

In fact, this in my mind is the biggest draw for me!


Overall Nordic Mountain is a novice to low-intermediate ski resort and the frequent lift stoppages were another indication of that. Advanced skiers need to find little tricks to keep themselves interested. This is not a rip on Nordic Mountain. Nordic Mountain is ideal if you have a four or five year old learning to ski or if you youself are learning to ski.

Would I return to Nordic Mountain? Not anymore this year and it would probably be a once a year trip for myself.


The Snow:………………90%
The Runs:……………….30%
The Staff:……………….85%
The Base Place:……….50%
The Tavern:……………..90%


Good Stuff!


  1. Nordic is too expensive for a learning hill (it’s not even a mountain). The runs are short. Parks are okay. If you go there during the weekend you’ll be wait longer in line. For around $40, it is more cost effective to go north (Granite Peak), or the two hills by the dells (Devil Head and Cascade). Plus, Nordic evening rate are HORRIBLE!!!

  2. Tony, first and foremost thanks for visiting and commenting at The Wisconsin Skier!

    I hear the frustration, but lets face it costs go up and even small hills such as Nordic Mountain have to pay their employees and those costs are going up even more with the New Year. Energy costs are not doing a whole lot but they certainly do not go down.

    Sure, Nordic is not a “mountain” but the fact is we just do not have any mountains in our region, the closest ski resort that can really call itself a mountain is maybe Lutsen, and even that one barely (if at all qualifies).

    Many people can not justify the time or expense to head up to Lutsen, Big Snow Country or any other such place too often. I just checked out rates at a few places such as Sunburst, Alpine Valley, Hidden Valley, and Little Switzerland (which really doesn’t count since it is also owned by the same folks who own Nordic) and at least with Alpine & Sunburst lift ticket prices are in the same ballpark.

    I generally agree though, I would rather spend my ski $s at other resorts in the UP or at Granite Peak. My ski crew is planning a weekender to Cascade or Devil’s head this year and if that happens you can be sure it will be written up here. I guess with Granite Peak being at the intersection of I39 and Hwy 29 makes it a lot easier for people to get to. I know that Granite Peak has taken a bite out of the crowd at Brule.

    FWIW, I have not been back since and if I do it will be to work on bump skiing.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to read and comment, please come back!

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