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How many are there? I think only very few as there is only one I can think of:

Are there any ski movies (other than Hot Dog) you know of? I know many movies with ski scenes (e.g.James Bond in For Your Eyes Only) but how many movies center on skiing?

I am not surprised there are few and those that are out there are targeted at the late teenager crowd. Hot Dog has the feel of Caddyshack and Weekend at Bernies. I remember reading an article by Jay Nordlinger on the movie about Bobby Jones. Jay started off noting how the only golf movie of any real note is Caddyshack. I suppose we have a similar problem. I doubt there will be a movie such as Rudy based on a skier, not enough people ski whereas most of us probably played football or at least football is popular enough that people can relate to a serious story where football plays a significant role.

One last qualifier. I am not talking of the movies that are 100% skiing either, not those made by ski movie production companies. I am talking of Hollywood productions intended for general audiences.

What ski movies do you know of?

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