Ski Resort Count Does Not Change This Year

Well, I was hoping to report to you a very happy event a +1 bump in the ski resort count, but alas, one is jumping in and one jumps out.

One Ski Resort Jumps In

The ownership group that owns Nordic Mountain and Blackjack Ski Resort bought Little Switzerland in Slinger WI, which is located right of of US HWY 41 about 20 minutes north of Milwaukee. I talked to the folks at Blackjack Resort last winter and they were excited for this opportunity to get more seasons pass holders coming up, you see for just a wee bit extra Little Switzerland season’s pass holders can get an all inclusive season’s pass — by all inclusive I mean one that allows access to all three of the group’s resorts! How about that! I hope it works and the winter brings bountiful snow to all of Wisconsin! Also, be on the lookout for the addition back to the Wisconsin Skier map!

One Ski Resort Jumps out

It’s with a heavy heart I report that Norway Mountain is not currently planning to operate this year. I do not know if this applies to the Nordic events they hold there as their is ski jumping there, but how many of you who visit this site participate in ski jumping? I suspect with this resort’s proximity to the Green Bay area and the not too much further away Fox Valley, someone will pick up this resort and get it going, may not be this year but I don’t think it will languish too long.

Ski Resort Operation

Must be a tough gig, I suppose insurance companies do not cut resorts any slack if the winter is a dud and I would not be surprised if they demand more $ in the event of a super winter, plus all the other expenses a resort must bear a number of them are fixed costs no matter if they are operating or not. So, here is to you who work in the industry!

I hope to see you all at one ski resort or another this winter!

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