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One of the bigger pains of skiing is the lift tickets, unlike our equipment lift tickets are consumables, even a season’s pass is a consumable. So all who ski need to figure out how tricks to help saving on ski lift tickets.

Saving on Lift Tickets — The Season’s Pass

Season’s passes are generally the easiest way to save on lift tickets. Buy a season’s pass if the cost of the lift ticket multiplied by the times you expect to visit the resort is greater than the cost of the pass. Most resorts offer discounts on their season’s passes if you buy early and some resorts will honor next year’s season’s pass if purchase before the end of the current season.

However, understand you will feel tied to ski resort.

Saving on Lift Tickets — Buying Pre-Season

Most resorts, but not all, offer discounts on lift tickets if you purchase early or before the ski season. I gravitate very strongly to resorts that offer such discounts (Powderhorn & Whitecap are you listening?) and do not usually consider visiting resorts that do not offer such deals.

Hurry up, the pre-season is nearing its end!

Saving on Lift Tickets — Understanding Your Home Resort

All resorts come up with ways to attract visitors and some are fairly predictable. I do not ski during the holiday season unless I have a season’s pass. Everyone is thinking of skiing during the holidays and resorts are less likely to offer deals. Also, the weather is generally not as nice as it is in the late season. Plus some resorts can be counted on offering regular deals.

Saving on Lift Tickets — One Man Gathers what another Man Spills

Craig’s List is your friend here, especially late season when people are trying to get anything for the excess lift tickets. Shop Craig’s List just be sure to arrange the exchange in a public place. Often times I have scored lift tickets for 10% of the regular cost!

Contests and give-aways are also opportunities and can often serve the dual purpose of benefiting worthy causes.

Saving on Ski Lift Tickets — Online Bucket Shops (added after original post)

There are also a number of websites that offer deals on lift tickets. However, my experience looking at them is the offers are often limited by time, by quantity, and by other conditions; also, the resort you are interested in my not be working with that site. Still, it is worth checking out.

Saving on Ski Lift Tickets — What Do You Do?

Do YOU have any tips or ideas on saving on lift tickets? What are they please share!

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