Ski Patrol 5-OH!

Speed Traps on the Slopes?

Speed Traps Coming to a Ski Slope Near You?
Coming to a Ski Slope Near You? Image provided by Big Stock.

Ahhhh, one of my favorite topics the Ski Patrol on the hill.

Last year the big ski patrol buzz was about some Ski Patrollers getting fired and this year the first ski patrol buzz is about a Ski Patroller going 5-OH on a snowboarder. Watch the video:

View the video first and continue reading for my take.

Bubby Natas will definitely write an article about this, but first my thoughts.

Simply put, the Ski Patroller and his henchmen were out of line. In fact, Snowbasin has already apologized for the incident. The video is not conclusive on the riding of the young men, as it is choppy and hard to judge how fast they are going (in relation to everyone else), but it does not appear to be out of line. Still, they are stopped and talked to about riding too fast in a slow zone.

The Ski Patroller is out of line in dropping the F-Bomb on the young man and one wonders why he was “pulled over”.

Unfortunately, incidents like this will lead to hard speed limits and radar checks on the hill, because there is no objective standard. I generally like safe and reasonable as the speed limit, but of course what does that mean? To one patroller it means someone riding in control to another it means someone riding at the speed everyone else is riding. Clearly this will lead to behavior X getting clipped one day and being okay the next.

The speed at which I ride is highly dependent on a lot of factors, I can ride fast and steer clear of others, but I do slow down and approach the downhill crowd more deliberately. If the rider is in control and gives downhill skiers enough space, why go Five-OH on them?

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