Learn from Crossfit

Cross fit chick!
Learn from Crossfit!
I first became aware of the Crossfit training program about a one year ago and it immediately intrigued myself. I wrestled in high school and in my last year our coaches took a mixed approach to our fitness making sure we received strength training as well as cardio-conditioning, furthermore the emphasis was getting in as many repetitions in a given time interval. That program of exercise got me in the best shape I have been in my life, especially given my weight and age at the time.

Crossift — Many Facets of Fitness

There are many facets to physical fitness and most training regimens emphasize either strength or cardio-conditioning, however, we need to consider flexibility and we can not forget balance. I suppose Crossfitters can fill in a few more, I think I have seen people talk about agility and explosiveness too, but in my view (at least agility) is a combination of the other attributes of total fitness.

Fitness focusing too much on any one attribute is not useful in many competitive activities. As a skier, I do not find running a marathon very useful, nor is curling lots of weight. However, when I combine reasonable amounts of stamina and strength that is helpful to my skiing. When I run a NASTAR race I need the strength to bend my skies, I need power to bend the skis quickly, I need balance to stay up, I need agility to quickly change edges, and I need stamina to do all that for a sustained amount of time. No single attribute in excess is going to make up for weakness in another one.

Useful physical fitness is fitness that balances strength, cardiovascular, balance, agility, power, and balance.

Crossift — Too Much?

Crossfit gyms have developed a reputation for being intense. In fact, most articles I read on Crossfit typically focus on the near maniacal zeal which Crossfitters push themselves and those around them. Most proponents argue that people must maintain awareness and respect their limits, but the focus is on repetitions per time unit and most weight based workouts specify a weight without consideration to th person’s size or ability.

I suppose given the state of fitness in our nation this is a refreshing change, but some people are not going to listen to what their bodies are telling them. In addition, tyou must have good fitness if you hope to accomplish the workout of the day (WOD). Crossfit is not for the fresh off of the couch, couch-potato.

Crossfit — Learn from its Philosphy

Crossfit’s focus on all the attributes of physical fitness is very worthwhile. My workout routines do not slave to clocks but like most people, I am busy and do not want to live in the gym. That desire to get in and out quickly serves me well, I perform the non-cardio portion of my workotus moving quickly through the stations, keeping my heart rate elevated working the cardiovascular system in addition to my muscles. Furthehttp://www.wi-ski.com/
rmore, I make sure I each part of my body gets some exercise, legs, upper body, and core. I also work in exercises to make some explosive moves and moves that work my balance. My physical fitness is moving along quite well and quite quickly.

Crossfit — Your Take Is?

Do you Crossfit? If so, why do you like it? What do you not like about it? Have you been hurt from it?

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