The Crud

One week from last Saturday I took a bike ride. The weather was not optimal and I was not dressed appropriately. Not only those two factors, but I had little and poor sleep the night before and was extremely stressed out with an incident from the day before eating at my soul.

To add to that, I took a longer than normal ride.
I am not going to talk of the Friday incident here, but the Saturday bike ride and the following week.

The sun was out, but the air was very cold and we had a strong north wind to contend with. As is usual the outbound leg of my trip is to the South and the return leg is North. I extended the journey by bringing my camera along and starting my ride by taking the two mile leg North to Hortonville. I turned around and started shooting photos and video. Then I took my normal ride and that is about 13.3 miles total so add about another four miles to that.

I considered cutting the ride short but did not, wanted to get some photos and videos. Going South is no problem with a North wind as it is downhill and with the wind at the back, so I rode to my usual location and turned around. Wow, I did not think the wind was all that stiff, because it did seem so bad when I stopped to take photos, I was wrong.

The ride back was miserable. My neck started stiffening up, the combination of my body working and the cold wind blowing over my arms made any hand movement trigger piano-string snaps in my arms. The only good thing about that ride was its end.

I took a couple of days off from riding and when I returned to the saddle I snapped off a couple of great rides. Weather was favorable (wind and temperatures) and both rides were improvements from past rides. All of the while from that awful ride to the end of week I felt a cold in my health background. It was not strong or real obvious, but it made itself felt.

Last weekend, Lorie and I went Upnorth. Dock party weekend and on Saturday we had cold windy weather and a smattering of rain. Guess what, I was in waders and in the water for about two-three hours of work. Add to that, a number of Sierra Nevadas and glasses of wine and all of that added up to a real miserable Saturday night. I did not sleep well woke up a number of times coughing and trying to clear out my chest of liquid. Sunday was miserable (and I spent some more time in waders assisting dock construction) as I was tired the whole day long.

I am on the mend. The crud is still with me but is on the wane. I would like to get back into the saddle, but fear doing so would bring the crud back to life and when it comes back it usually does so with a vengeance that requires professional medical intervention. So I am taking a break from my biking. I miss it and want to get back into it, but get well first.

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