The MP3 Experiment

I did it! I skied to music with my MP3 player.

Actually, it is an ogg player. I don’t upload MP3 files but OGG instead. Ogg is open source, MP3 is not. However, we are talking about the general experience of listening to music via IPod or IRiver or whatever gizmo you have.

I kitted up and placed my IRiver in the right breast pocket of my parka. I snaked the earphone cords out and place the earphones in my ears. I had selected the 7/13/1984 Grateful Dead bootleg from the Greek Theater as my music. Not quite my first choice as that bootleg has a very summery feel to it. However, the other music I had on my IRiver were all morning music pieces (all of Brandenburg Concertos some morningy jazz, and some baroque trumpet music by Wynton Marsalis). I then got on the lift and started the process of skiing to music.

I went down the first run and it was incredible. It was like dancing and it put a big smile on my face. However, unless I was riding solo (something I am generally loathe to do) I pulled one earphone or the other out so I could converse with my lift partner. Then I would get off the lift and then I would have to jack around replacing the earphone; and this usually meant glove removal, push the earphone in, try to bend the earhook (should have done that before going outside) so it stays in better, and replace the glove. Even with that occasionally one earphone or the other would fall out on the way down.

Near the end, I was solo skiing and quite a few of my rides up the hill were solo rides, so I just kept the earphones in and enjoyed the music. The problem there was the lift-rides and the tunes were out of synch. A cool tune would come on during the ride up and then when I was on the slope the tune was in a less than desirable section. That though, is clearly a matter of luck and with some jacking around can be fixed.

One thing I did notice. When the skiing got challenging the music faded into nearly nothingness. However,when the skiing was not so challenging the music was fun.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to music while skiing but not enough to justify all the jacking around I had to do to keep the music playing. On Sunday, I went IRiver-less.

Good Stuff!

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