Revisiting Music While Skiing

Music while skiing -- boy in winter wear with headphones
Do you listen to music while skiing?

Almost one year ago to the day [Editor: a year ago bit refers to the writing of the original post.] I wrote about listening to MP3 (or in my case ogg) players while skiing. I did not like it then but have changed my – tune.

I had long ago fallen in love with the device for work outs. However, I was skeptical about using it while skiing. However, my father presented an MP3 player to my brother last Christmas and he quickly took to it while skiing. So, I decided to give mine another try.

I am more convinced the MP3 player works. I turn the volume down so I can talk with people while riding up the lifts. However, this is not perfect. As I listen to mostly classical music and lately have been listening mostly to more modern classical music. What is too loud one moment is often times too quiet the next moment. For example, I fired up my player and cued up Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto. The piece starts out with the full symphony going but it is quiet and I heard nothing until Vladimir Ashkenazy’s first piano solo started, at first I thought I would have to re-rip the piece but further examination just showed it was too quiet to hear.

Again, I found the music would often fade to nothingness while skiing, not due to volume but due to concentration. Last Saturday especially required more concentration than what I am normally used to. Still, at times I found the music very inspirational and brought me tighter to the fall line.

Towards the end of the day at Indianhead last Saturday we were skiing Leelinaw & Winnebago and the sun started to come out. The sun coming out helped as well, but then third movement of Rachmaninoff’s of his third piano concerto came blasting on (this piece is a true speaker buster, roommates hated my music not just because they didn’t like it but because of what it would do to their speakers and amplifiers). I immediately tightened my line to the fall line and skied the bumps faster than in previous runs. Unfortunately, I had to ski around traffic so I had to lay back a bit and traverse the hill more than I wanted to but the fire the music gave me was great!

The only time I have had to pull an earpiece out to hear someone was when I was riding up the lift with a woman. She spoke softly and with a Northeast European accent. I eventually pulled the entire left earpiece off, but that is only once out of three days of wearing it so far.

So, I will continue to ski to tunes!

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