Olympic Enthusiasm Boost

It should be obvious I am hoping to be at the forefront on the reporting of ski news, at least here in this region. Even though there are plenty of people on the site reporting on the Olympics I work to provide commentary and analysis of what I see. I do this for a reason I am an enthusiastic skier and this is the preeminent display of ski competition in the USA.

I am not the only one fired up about the Olympics. I noticed a boost of activity here at The Wisconsin Skier with the coming of the 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver. I am working to encourage that boost hoping for it bring more of you here and to light the fire of enthusiasm for skiing.
I noticed a number of visitors coming here from searching on various Olympic related searches. Crashes, wipeouts, ski team, USA Ski Team, Lindsey Vonn, Julia Mancuso, Bode Miller, etc. In addition to the searches related to the skiing competition a number of searches came in finding my other Olympic related posts.

The USA Ski Team is doing much to fuel this fire. The USA Ski Team is winning Olympic metal like none has ever before. I remember watching Olympics where the USA Ski Team was a non-factor, I recall watching games where we had only one or maybe two guys in the hunt for a medal. Now, we have not just a number of men actually winning medals, our women are outperforming them!

Remember, this talent does not spontaneously appear from nowhere, they arise from the Buck Hills, the Hidden Valleys, the Ski Brules of our nation. That talent is all over not just around Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, Sun Valley, Park City, etc. The former regions are the vineyards and the later are the distilleries.

Unless we seek out and find the talent we can not cultivate it. So, join your local ski club, learn to ski better yourself and share that with others. If we are only enthused about skiing ever four years we will not be able to maintain the level of ski excellence the USA Ski Team is currently at.

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