Ski Road Tripping (part II)

Near the top of Monarch Mountain

This is the second installment on our trip to Cañon City and Monarch Mountain in Colorado.

Brian took the wheel not too far from the Colorado border and not too far from sunset either. We set out into the darkness and pushed West.

The sun rose and the revealed a hazy foggy type of day. For a long time it was just miserable looking and not miserable. However, the weather soon did turn miserable. The roads became slick, we pushed on after all Wisconsin drivers (and skiers) know how to deal with icy roads (and ski runs). Again, driving through Denver was a wonder.

Eventually we arrived at our destination. We drove to our cousin’s apartment and then said our hellos, unloaded, and unwound from the road. We had some good food as my cousin had plenty of yummy Colorado game in the freezer and then we spent some time at the Royal Gorge Bridge and that was neat. The best thing is it was in the winter so there were no crowds, we were the only people there. However, we did have to give way as one vehicle did come across the bridge. That was impressive.

Then on Ash Wednesday we hit HWY 55 and went west. An hour or two later we were at Monarch Mountain. We checked in, unpacked, and bought our lift tickets and went skiing.

Being in the middle of the week and not being a “first tier” ski resort Monarch Mountain was ours. Unfortunately, I did not eat a good breakfast and of course being from oxygen rich lands my legs did not do too well. You see Monarch’s base is at an elevation of 10,790 ft so if you are from the lowlands (as am I) you may have O2 problems. However, my brother did okay on that first day. My father joined myself in the tavern for an early end to the first day.

That evening was fantastic. I don’t recall doing a whole lot for dinner. IIRC we found a nearby pizza place and brought some pizza back to our rooms. Then we hit the pool and hot tub. The hot tub was outside and a quick dash to the tub and a pull of the cover and in we were. Watch your footing as it is icy around the tub. So we sat in the tub, lounged, and watched the snowflakes fall into our hair. It seemed as if we could sit there all night, the heat we were soaking up was rapidly venting from our heads in the near 0° F air. It was divine. Even my tropical wife joined us in the hot tub. I wish I had photos of that. So eventually, my sweetie and I retired for the evening.

To Be Continued…

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