Do You Participate in Winter Outdoor Activities?

Get Outdoors During the Winter!

Winter Outdoor Activities -- a collage
Skiing and snowboarding are only two ways to be active outdoors during the winter!

As the summer fades into fall and we move towards the winter I have a questions for you, do you participate in winter outdoor activities?

I am not going to limit you to skiing or snowboarding, all activities outdoors count for this discussion. What exactly am I talking about?

Winter Outdoor Activities — Candidate Activities

  1. Downhill Skiing
  2. This is obviously my favorite winter activity and one that often comes to the top of people’s minds when we are talking about wintertime outdoor activities. Of course, the downhill skiing one can do depends on the land around where one lives.

  3. Snowboarding
  4. Very similar to downhill skiing, as it also requires mountains or signficant hills.

  5. Cross Country Skiing
  6. Again, a classic winter outdoor activity one I participate in a regular but infrequent basis.

  7. Hunting
  8. I have not hunted in some years now. When I did it was typically mid-fall through early winter. I do recall some mid-winter hunting trips in my youth.

  9. Ice Fishing
  10. I was never much of an ice-fisherman, though I would occasionally go out and drill holes in the ice and see what I could catch. I have not sat out on the ice for a long time now.

  11. Photography
  12. I am mostly a grab shot photographer when doing other things, once in a while I make an effort and setup photographs and sometimes they are outside and in the cold.

  13. Snowmobiling
  14. Snowmobiling is a fun activity and can can be a physically active pasttime, if you are riding winding trails and am trying to make good time you will be sweating after a while. If you are driving “highway” trails then the story changes. When on winding trails and trying to make good time you are constantly shifting your weight on the snowmobile and that act of constantly shifting your weight keeps your blood going!

    However, the point of most snowmobiling activity is bar hopping and I’m not keen on that. I do not mind a stop every now and then but not when that is the central activity. Heck, I will (ll even stop at a bar and get some carbohydrate replacement therapy (a beer) when cycling.

  15. Ice Skating
  16. I have never ice skated, I do like to watch it though (at least two of three event classes).

  17. Running
  18. I treasure my knees and until I lose some more weight I will not even run in the summer.

  19. Biking
  20. I will ride my bicycle in the winter time. The main obstacles for me and others are, lack of daylight, clean roads, and the temperatures.

    I get home from work and it is nearly full on night and I am not a keen night-rider on my bicycle. The dark catches me early and late in the main cycling season, but it is something I avoid.

    Clean roads are important to me. I do not have studded tires for either of my two bikes and I do not have a fat-tire or cyclocross bike to take onto the trails or off-road. I need roads to be free of ice and snow for me to go out. This is not a very common situation during winter around here.

    The cold is the last reason I stay off of my bike outdoors in the winter. I do have clothing intended for cod weather cycling and I will wear it and go out. I have been out and the cold slushes up my water bottles. After all, I do ski and that means spending hours in the cold of winter, no?

  21. What is missing from this list? Please comment!

If you do not participate in an outdoor activity in the winter time please leave a comment on why you do not.

Winter Outdoor Activities — Excuses errr Reasons

Possible reasons I see that one may not be active outdoors during the winter:

  1. Too cold
  2. Really, to this one I say quit whining and obtain proper winter clothing. Yeah if you go out in shorts and a light t-shirt you will get cold. Also if you are outside properly clothed, and active you will be surprised the conditions you will not just tolerate but be comfortable in.

  3. Walking, running, biking surfaces too slippery
  4. The solution here is again gear-centered.

  5. Dark too soon
  6. The weekends are the solution here, carry on with your normal errands during the week and try to keep your weekends open for the fun stuff.

  7. Too expensive
  8. Yes, my constant refrain to the purchase of proper gear is a hint that winter sports can be more expensive. What you need to do is to find a winter activity you enjoy and then you will find a way to afford the cost. We all know how inactivity is detrimental to our health and we all know how expensive that can get!

  9. No one else I know is willing to join me in the activity
  10. Get social, find a local club dedicated to the activity you enjoy. They exist and with everyone being on Facebook or on the web you should be able to locate them.

  11. Other, please note in a comment
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